Ashis Adhikari

Virtual Team Building Activities during COVID-19

Day 50 of lockdown with the total confirmed cases of 217, the hit of the global crisis and pandemic COVID-19 is so hard that it takes time to process it, synthesize, and react. Everyone knows that the world is staring down the barrel of recession. The viral contagion is ravaging economies, individuals, and livelihoods. Amid all these whirlwind of uncertainty, the IT sector manages to thrive while there has been a disruption in various sectors. Working from home may be easy for some as avoiding interaction gets easy but the multiple opportunities that we get to meet and talk every...

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Trip to Amazing Astam: An escape with nature

Like every Nepalese, I have heard the phrase ‘Heaven is myth, Nepal is real’ and it tends to be true for many reasons. Though the Visit Nepal 2020 slogan seems to be on hype, speculations regarding the weak implementation of the strategies for Visit Nepal 2020 still prevail. And like every tech personnel, coffee and code is the phrase we use in common. Like usual day on weekdays, I arrived at my workplace. Checking emails comes in the first priority followed by working on the tasks we are assigned for a certain project. Conversation in workplace is mostly about project...

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Public Speaking in IT: Unveiling the Bright Side

The world has become smaller where almost everything happens with a click or instant responses online. It has definitely brought a change in our life. When we talk about career progression, though the world of work is increasingly being conducted behind computer screens, career progression is still about being seen and heard. And that is when public speaking skills in IT matters. Back in our college days, our friends, our seniors and juniors used to get anxious, get nervous or have chills down their spine whenever it was time for presentation or public defense. That was just a trivial scenario....

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