Misfit Technologies and Nipuna Prabhidhik Sewa​ announces Strategic Partnership in Nepal

Misfit Technologies and Nipuna Prabhidhik Sewa​ are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining Misfit Technologies leading AI-enabled conversational  CRM platform “ALICE” with Nipuna Prabhidhik Sewa in Nepal.

Misfit Technologies is an emerging technology provider focused on the internet economy, banking, e-commerce, FMCG and telecommunications, with offices in Myanmar, Singapore, and Bangladesh. Misfit Technologies is the creator of the award-winning product; Alice AI-powered Omni-channel customer service chatbot solutions that enable data flow between all messaging platforms (including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.), websites and mobile applications. Designed for retailers, brands and much more, it automatically recommends products, provides customer service and delivers personalized stories.


Munimul Islam, CEO of Misfit Technologies​ on signing the partnership:

We are happy to partner with Nipuna Prabhidhik Sewa and move forward with our tech solutions such as Conversational AI-based platforms in different countries. We are willing to explore new opportunities in Nepal across different industries like FMCG, Hospitality and Tourism, Fintech, etc. and how our chatbot can benefit the various emerging industries. We are glad to bring our AI-based chatbot in Nepal with our good partner; Nipuna Prabhidhik Sewa.

Nipuna Prabidhik Sewa is a technology service provider specializing in Web Cloud, Professional, and Managed Services. They have leading expertise and solutions to help their clients achieve maximum return on their investments focused on Open-Source Solutions and build technology to enhance and simplify businesses from flexible platforms to custom applications.


Nipuna, CEO Navraj Sharma Paudel on signing the partnership :

“We are delighted to partner with Alice Labs Pte Ltd. AI is the way forward in technology and we feel we have taken the right step by partnering with someone who has a proven track record of providing business intelligence to clients using AI. People have a huge dependency on social media platforms and so do the business that serves these people. There is a trend in spending and focusing on online media to get people’s attention to businesses these days in Nepal and Alice is a perfect platform to connect the business process of local businesses with their customers and getting more done on the social media itself. We are positive this partnership will help local businesses improve their social media performance and enable them to make business decisions based on analytics garnered on the AI-powered platform. “


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