Flutter – Hybrid Mobile Application Development Framework

Mobile application has become integral part in the companies which wants to remain in competition for the longer run. Keeping that in mind, companies are looking for an option to build mobile apps, especially for iOS and Android, with faster processing and less resources. Obviously, Apple and Google have provided native tools and technologies to build apps. iOS app developers can build apps using XCode and Swift, while Android developers use Android Studio and Kotlin/Java. However, this requires engineers to learn two completely different sets of technologies. As a result, companies have started to adopt cross-platform solutions over the native solutions to build apps for both iOS and Android faster using a single language.

In the market, there are lots of cross platform for the development of mobile application. Among them React Native has grasped its position to the top but recently after Google has released the new cross platform named Flutter. Then after Flutter has been a buzzword in the Mobile development sectors.

What is flutter?
Flutter is a new Hybrid mobile application development framework developed by Google and released in the year 2017. It is built and based on the compiled programming language called Dart, which is a Google’s general-purpose programming language released in the year 2011. This newly introduced framework will help us to build a variety of critical applications within a short period of time.

Popular applications made with flutter are:
• Xianyu app by Alibaba (App on App Store, App on Google Play) – Alibaba is one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world
• Hamilton app (App on App Store, App on Google Play, Website) – official app for the Broadway Musical
• Google Ads app (App on App Store, App on Google Play)
• Reflectly (App on App Store, App on Google Play, Website)
• App for JD Finance – a leading digital technology company (App on App Store)
• Topline app by Abbey Road Studios (App on App Store, App on Google Play)

One of the advantages of Flutter is that it uses Dart as a programming language, the applications that build with the help of Flutter is able to run on both Android and IOS platform. It is interesting because of its simplicity compared to developing web applications, and because of its speed as compared with native applications.

Flutter will save you money (it is free and open source), and it will also help you make more money (you can go after both the Android and iOS markets simultaneously, and create a better app in less time). Flutter can reduce risks.
Finally, Flutter looks to the future. It is the only native mobile toolkit that supports reactive views. And because it is a complete SDK, it will provide even more benefits when apps start to migrate to IoT.

Article By: Apar Bhandari

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